Monday, February 13, 2006

new family in Cosisa

its been a while since i last wrote...and so much has happened around me here that i feel like sharing the images more than my words...

the following is a window into my daily experiences with my new "family", and the kids i have encountered along the way who live in the favela right behind the compound/paradise, which i have called home for the past two weeks....
me and Lina in Gamboa .... enjoying a saturday out by the water with family

this is the front door of
LINA'S house...

the view from Lina´s front porch the inside of Lina and Jessica´s house. So kind and hospitable (a brazilian cultural characteristic that always reminds me of the "persian" way) they have been helping me with the making of sandwiches for the people of "Cosisa" the favela they live in.
Jessica is Lina´s only daughter by blood and at 16 is 5 months pregnant, which is a very common occurance here.

"a typical home in a favela with clothes hanging to dry" says Lina..
(she sells candy and frozen juice from her window)

cutting up the tomato mound as the crowd gathers outside

must leave internet cafe ;-)

stay tuned for more pictures......


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